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Photo: Samuli Raappana

Blow Up That Gramophone is extremely happy to announce that Ghost Brigade has joined our roster. Ghost Brigade is preparing new album that will be released at the end 2014. 

Ghost Brigade is an alternative metal band from Jyväskylä, Finland. The band was formed in 2005 and have since released three full length albums & one EP on Season Of Mist Records and toured the world with the likes of Enslaved, Amorphis, Paradise Lost, Samael, Intronaut, Insomnium and A Storm Of Light among others.

Ghost Brigade is:
Manne Ikonen (vocals)
Wille Naukkarinen (gtr)
Tommi Kiviniemi (gtr)
Veli-Matti Suihkonen (drums)
Joni Saalamo (bass)
Joni Vanhanen (keyboards)

Get ready to burn down the sky!

Ghost Brigade website
Ghost Brigade on Facebook


Photo: Timo Honkanen

Beastmilk joins the almighty HIM on The Helldone On The Road tour. HIM will be touring Finland for the first time since 2008. The other support acts are Pentti Kurikan nimipäivät and Odalisque. The tour will include four shows and end at the legendary Tavastia club in Helsinki on New Year's Eve.

Tour dates:
28 December Club Teatria, Oulu
29 December Rytmikorjaamo, Seinäjoki
30 December Pakkahuone, Tampere
31 December Tavastia, Helsinki

Helldone Festival on Facebook


Lead by Hexvessel vocalist and main man Mat McNerney, Finland’s Beastmilk couldn’t be further away from the acoustic freak-folk sounds of Hexvessel – who have graced the Roadburn stages twice in recent years – purveying, as they do, a peculiar form of darkly throbbing ice-cold post-punk gothic desolation.

Possessed of the driving cavernous bass of Joy Division or Samhain, the pounding thwack of prime Jesus and Mary Chain, the razor-slashing reverb-drenched icepick guitar of early Misfits and the oblique strangeness and angular rock ‘n’ roll of Roky Erickson, topped off with Kvohst‘s Robert Smith-esque vocal, Beastmilk will chill you to the bone and make those bones dance.

The band will be releasing their debut album, the naughtily-titled Climax, at the end of this year through Svart Records – following the afore-mentioned long sold-out demo and an equally long-gone 7″ Use Your Deluge – which gives you plenty of time to get their driving gothic angularity buried deep into your heads before they hit the stage at Roadburn Festival 2014.

Beastmilk will play on Thursday, April 10th at the 013 venue in Tilburg, The Netherlands.

Roadburn Festival 2014 ticket pre-sales are in full swing! Get your ticket HERE!



Our office is moving, please note NEW ADDRESS from 1st September 2013
Capellan puistotie 3 C 123
00540 Helsinki

18.11.2012 AGALLOCH RETURNS IN MAY 2013!

Blow Up That Gramophone is happy to announce that AGALLOCH (US) will return to Finland in May 2013.

Band will be perform 2 hour long set at each show and will be accompanied support band not yet determined.

05.05.2013 Tampere, Klubi
06.05.2013 Helsinki, Korjaamo
07.05.2013 Oulu, Nuclear Nightclub

Stay tuned by following the event on Facebook.

10.09.2012 YEAR OF THE GOAT

Two shows in November, be prepared! See upcoming shows


Blow Up That Gramophone and Svart Records are excited to announce that occult rockers Jess and the Ancient Ones have been confirmed for Roadburn 2013 on Saturday, April 20th at the 013 venue in Tilburg, Holland.

Hailing from Kuopio, Finland, Jess and Ancient Ones are currently making waves in the underground, drawing their inspiration from (prog)rock groups of the classic era and old school heavy metal.

For a more specific recipe for creating their self-titled debut album, take the overtly satanic sermons of  genre progenitors Jinx (Coven), add the guitar genius of psych lunatic Roky Erickson together with Robbie van Leeuwen's (Shocking Blue) fuzzy pop sensibilities, stir in the rhythm and drive of vintage Iron Maiden,  and  top with a web of interweaving guitar duels influenced by the classic Smith/Murray partnership and deeply rooted in 60s and 70s prog and psych.

With talented vocalist Jess as their enigmatic frontwoman, the septet will take Roadburners on a devastatingly rapturous journey through the self, the astral and the arcane consummated by those transcendent vocals, and this trio of rich guitars.

If that doesn't kindle your desire for a vociferous satanic ritual, we don't know what will!


Blow Up welcomes Martyrdöd to their first visit to Finland in November. Benvenuti also to our Italian friends Ufomammut who are returning to Moominland in October. See all added dates in upcoming shows.

18.02.2012 NEW SHOWS ADDED

We have great shows for you lined up for May & June: in May  JEX THOTH (US) will tour and in June Acid King (US) will come and conquer Finland for the first time. Acid King will be supported by doom/noise/sludge outfit Suma (SWE).

And more happy news for the Blow Up family: our very own Jess and the Ancient Ones has been confirmed for TUSKA OPEN AIR METAL FESTIVAL 2012!


We're pleased to announce that The Devil's Blood (NED) & Year of the Goat (SWE) will perform at the 2012 Jalometalli Metal Music Festival!

More information on the festival website


Calling themselves the Hallucinatory Patripassianist Gnostic Supergroup, they have released a series of seminal, intense, highly influential and utterly unpredictable and uncompromising albums over the years, from their debut NATURE UNVEILED to their most recent album HONEYSUCKLE ÆONS, as well as creating the world of Apocalyptic folk. David Tibet has worked with artists as varied as Björk, Nick Cave, Shirley Collins, Antony (who has covered one of their songs), Bonnie "Prince" Billy, Andrew WK and Rickie Lee Jones, who have all been part of the Current 93 family and appeared on their albums at one time or another. The present line-up consists of David Tibet as voice, Michael Cashmore as guitar, Baby Dee as piano, Alex Neilson as drums, Andrew Liles as electronics, Eliot Bates as oud and James Blackshaw as bass. Current 93 are unlike anyone or anything else, the Very Voice of Catland itself, drones and screams and sings and rings and the suns and the moons all at once.

Tickets available now at Lippupalvelu.


The occult rock newcomers Jess and the Ancient Ones has joined our roster. JATAO is confirmed for Heavy Days in Doom Town 2012 festival.


Indomitable sludge / doom behemoths Fleshpress will be playing a one-off  show at Roadburn 2012′s Afterburner, set to be held on Sunday, April 15th at the 013 venue in Tilburg, Holland. Combining massive riffs, searing vocals and tense atmospheric interludes, Finland’s Fleshpress is a  must-see for the misanthropically inclined.

Fitting for a band named after a song on a Grief record, Fleshpress make malevolent, crushing music punctuated by snarling screams of pure hatred. Interspersing noise-riddled, forbidding ambience between bouts of neck-snapping riff assaults, they provide no solace for the timid   and spasms of delirium for fans of filthy sludge and doom. We look forward to seeing the smoking crater they leave behind…

Roadburn Festival


26.10.2011 Savoy-teatteri, Helsinki

Yhdysvaltalainen vokaalitaiteilija Diamanda Galás saapuu konsertoimaan Suomeen lokakuussa.

Klassisen pianistin koulutuksen saanut Galás ammentaa avantgardeensa vaikutteita kreikkalaisista sukujuuristaan ja musiikillisista tyylilajeista bluesista oopperaan. Sanoituksissaan hän ei kaihda vaikeitakaan aiheita kuten mielenterveysongelmia, ihmisoikeusloukkauksia ja kivuliasta kuolemaa. Diivan ja monilahjakkuuden vaikuttava kolmen ja puolen oktaavin ääniala ja maaninen musisointi siivittää kuulijansa taivaallisiin sfääreihin. Galás on intensiivinen esiintyjä, jonka konserteissa yleisö kulkee artistin mukana alakulosta euforiaan, raivosta herkkyyteen ja hiljaisuudesta huutoon.

Yli viisitoista levyä julkaisseen artistin musiikkia on kuultu myös valkokankaalla, muun muassa Oliver Stonen Natural Born Killers -elokuvassa.

Galás on nähty Suomessa vain kerran aikaisemmin 1990-luvulla. Karismaattisen ja arvostetun taiteilijan paluuta on odotettu, sillä Galásia on kuultu Euroopassakin vain harvoin.

Liput myynnissä Lippupalvelun myyntipisteissä 12.9.2011 alkaen.

Liput 36€ plus mahdolliset Lippupalvelun toimituskulut.

Konsertti järjestetään Blow Up That Gramophonen, Svart Recordsin sekä
Imperiumi.net -verkkomedian yhteistyönä.



After their first and sold out show in Finland, Pentagram returns to Finland in December for two more shows in Helsinki and Oulu. Throughout the band's history the only constant member has been vocalist Bobby Liebling. The revolving lineup of Pentagram has featured many well respected musicians in the local doom metal scene. The Finnish shows will also feature the guitar virtuoso Victor Griffin.

Tickets on sale from 3rd August at Tiketti and Lippupalvelu.

2nd December, 2011 Club Teatria, Oulu
3rd December, 2011 Nosturi, Helsinki

22.07.2011 / TUSKA FESTIVAL

The 14th edition of Tuska Festival has kicked off in brilliant weather. Remember to check out our artist:


On Saturday 23rd
Fleshpress on Club Stage 13:45 and
Church of Misery on Inferno Stage 17:30


On Sunday 24th
Jex Thoth on Inferno Stage 16:15.


Full schedules and more on the Tuska Festival site


Have a good one!

29.05.2011 / BLOOD CEREMONY mesmerize Finland in October

Blood Ceremony's distinct style of flute-tinged witch rock evolves from an infernal marriage of occult inspired acid folk and vintage hard rock riffing. 

Blood Ceremony released their second album 'Living With The Ancients' beginning of 2011 and have been touring all over the world -  including an appearance at the prestigious Roadburn Festival in Holland.

Tickets on sale for Helsinki show at Tiketti from 1st June.

20.10.2011 Kuudes Linja, Helsinki
21.10.2011 Lutakko, Jyväskylä
22.10.2011 Oulu, Nuclear Nightclub

11.04.2011 / BLOW UP & SVART RECORDS release PENTAGRAM live album

Blow Up That Gramophone and renown Finnish Svart Records are releasing a live album of Pentagram's upcoming April 24th show in Helsinki.

This rare live recording will be released as a limited edition vinyl LP.

Svart Records is known for their high quality vinyl releases. It has previously re-released Be Forewarned album and more Pentagram albums will follow later on this year.

Svart Records

16.03.2011 / UNEARTHLY TRANCE tour cancelled, band calling it quits

Unearthly Trance has decided to end their career, playing their final show in Nagoya, Japan.
Therefore the entire autumn tour has been canceled. This is what UT and Ryan Lipinsky have told Blow Up That Gramophone: "Unearthly Trance has decided to cancel all tour plans and shows. Including Finland. I'am very very sorry. After almost dieing in Japan we are rethinking our plans for this year and beyond. I feel very bad to deliver this news and it was a decision made by all of the band. I hope you can understand and accept this unfortunate reality."

Blow Up That Gramophone wishes Unearthly Trance and its members all the best in the future.

17.02.2011 / PENTAGRAM joins Blow Up That Gramophone

We are most honored to announce that doom metal pioneers PENTAGRAM have chosen Blow Up That Gramophone as their Finnish home. Vibra Agency continues as the official European booking agency for Pentagram. 

Pentagram performs in Helsinki on 24th April 2011. The show that was sold out in record time is part of this legendary ensemble's 40th anniversary tour and Pentagram's first visit to Finland.

Vibra Agency website

17.02.2011 / UNEARTHLY TRANCE tours Finland from north to south in October

Sludge metal/doom metal trio from Brooklyn/Queens New York UNEARTHLY TRANCE tours Finland from north to south in October. Unearhtly Trance ventures into more experimental sounds of ambient and noise music, giving their music a more introspective, dark and progressive vibe. Since its creation in 2000 the band has released material on leading labels of the genre like Southern Lord, Rise Above Records and Relapse Records to which they are still signed today.

20.10.2011 Oulu, Nuclear Nightclub
21.10.2011 Jyväskylä, Lutakko
22.10.2011 Turku, S-Osis Amplifier Worship Festival

Unearthly Trance website
Amplifier Worship Festival website

10.02.2011 / A message from Runhild Gammelsæter

Decay regretfully have to cancel the show in Helsinki on February 11th due to illness.

We are very sorry to miss this opportunity, we were very excited about this concert and had been planning it for 6 months. We rarely play live, last time in May 2010, so this was to be very special.

Unfortunately Even was struck down with a fever running 40C and cannot move, much less play guitar or travel by airplane.

We send greetings to the audience, and  hope to be back to play in Finland at a later date. Also our thanks to Esa and the arrangers who had put much work into having us play.

Much love, Runhild

10.02.2011 / Project Decay’s Helsinki show cancelled / Project Decayn esiintyminen peruuntuu

Project Decay’s show in Helsinki 11th February is cancelled due to illness. Finnish bands Fleshpress and Viisikko will perform as scheduled:

22:30 Fleshpress
23:30 Viisikko

Visual ambiance for the performances is created by Megatherion DJ’s. Tickets 6 euros. Pre-sale tickets are asked to be returned to Tiketti ticket offices. At the moment, there is no news on a substitute performance for Project Decay. If a substitute date is confirmed, it will be announced later on.

Project Decayn esiintyminen 11. helmikuuta Korjaamon kulmasalissa peruuntuu sairastapauksen vuoksi. Korjaamolla esiintyvät kotimaiset Fleshpress ja Viisikko seuraavasti:

22.30 Fleshpress
23.30 Viisikko

Illan visuaalisesta annista vastaavat Megatherion DJ:t. Liput ovelta 6 euroa. Ennakkoon ostetut liput voi palauttaa Tiketin myyntipisteisiin. Lipunhinnan erotusta ei hyvitetä ovelta. Tietoa Project Decayn mahdollisesta korvaavasta keikasta ei vielä ole ja mikäli korvaava päivä saadaan, ilmoitetaan siitä erikseen.

04.02.2011 / NEGURĂ BUNGET tours Finland in October

Progressive black metal ensemble Negură Bunget tours Finland in October. The rumanian ensemble established in 1994  known for its folk-influenced atmospheric black metal will perform in Jyväskylä, Helsinki, Turku and Oulu.

Tickets available from 14th February at Tiketti.

12.10.2011 Lutakko, Jyväskylä
13.10.2011 Kuudes Linja, Helsinki
14.10.2011 S-Osis, Turku
15.10.2011 Nuclear Nighclub, Oulu


19.01.2011 / Changes in Pentagram supports

Blood Ceremony and Ghost have cancelled their entire Scandinavian tour due to change of management.
Due to this, the bands will not be supporting Pentagram on 24th April.

The Easter Sunday gig will be complemented instead by BLOOD FARMERS (USA) who make their first visit to Finland. A second support act will be published later.

10.01.2011 / More Artists join our roster

It's a great year so far as we are happy to announce that  Les Discrets (FRA), Blood Farmers (USA) and The Wounded Kings (UK) have joined forces with Blow Up That Gramophone. Welcome! 

10.01.2011 / JEX THOTH returns!

Jex Thoth is returning to Finland after their sold out first visit. The hippie-doom goddess Jex and her troops are headlining Hammer Open Air festival's official after party on 15th July. 

Stay tuned for more info at http://www.sacrifire.net/hammer/index.html