Blowup vol. 4
12.-14.10.2018 Helsinki, Korjaamo

Blow Up That Gramophone
Esa Valkeajärvi
+358 400 852 565

Betrayal At Bespin

Betrayal At Bespin

What began as a recording project for a few of its members later emerged as a full-blown band of seven. Their music draws influence from various sources and genres including metal, post-rock and film music and invests in moods and atmospheres. Betrayal at Bespin is constantly evolving and always looking in new directions.

Eero Hammais
Heikki Hyvänen
Jaakko Lehtinen
Juho Leppänen
Lauri Mattelmäki
Juho Rantanen
Kristian Soini

Territory: Worldwide