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Blood Farmers

Blood Farmers

Back in the mid-90's, the Blood Farmers were the most mysterious heavy Doom band on Hellhound Records. They were great fans of exploitation movies, especially all that blood-drenched and psychotic stuff. Their debut album, released in 1995, included a cover-artwork which had been taken from "Deranged", one of the best movies about the character and madness of Ed Gein, while the back cover shows a tasteful and eerie band photo.

Formed in 1989, strongly influenced from Black Sabbath, they had also added other early 70's influences to their heavy sound and the "thanks-list" in the self-titled Hellhound debut, is a who-is-who of all great heavy 70's underground bands like Sir Lord Baltimore, Bang, T2, Tear Gas and so on. Surely, they also had listen to a lot of early-80's British Metal and so they combined both styles in a striking heavy pounding way.

Territory: Finland

Esa Valkeajärvi
tel: +358 400 852 565