Blowup vol. 4
12.-14.10.2018 Helsinki, Korjaamo

Blow Up That Gramophone
Esa Valkeajärvi
+358 400 852 565



Three guys started this band sometime around 2005. Later on three grew into four and lately four has expanded into five. All of us call Helsinki home. In 2007 we released our first album Remoras which consists of 7 songs mixed & mastered by Magnus Lindberg at Tonteknik in Umeå Sweden. Now on the verge of our second release: A black shade of neon, we embark on a new 3D journey. This self released ep with 4 song is as strong or even stronger than it’s predecessor. The sophomore album was mixed by Arto Tuunela at Finnvox and is home made all the way.


Mikko, drums
Jaakko, guitar & vocals
Harri, bass
Samuli, guitar
Tommi, lyrics


Territory: Worldwide